What are the advantages and characteristics of Pell MBR flat membrane?


Advantages: < / span > 1 < span >) the diaphragm can be replaced by a single sheet.

2)The effluent quality is high and stable;

3)The output of excess sludge is low;

4)Small floor area, not limited by setting occasions;

5)Convenient operation and management, easy to realize automatic control;

6)It is easy to transform from traditional technology.

Its operating characteristics:/p>

1、 Immerse and place the membrane module stably in the reaction tank;

2、 < span > low pressure < / span > (< span > suction or gravity < / span > < span >) < / span > < span > water outlet, low system working pressure and low power consumption

3、 Gas-liquid two-phase flow disturbance;

4、 Long time stable operation;

5、 The membrane is not easy to be polluted, the membrane cleaning frequency is low, and the cleaning operation is convenient.