Element-Double Nozzle
According to the comparative experimental study of critical flux test, the flux of double outlet membrane element can be increased by 18% ~ 22% compared with the traditional flat membrane element, so as to reduce the capital construction cost of the project; The chemical cleaning effect improves the phenomenon of pollution dead corner of single channel flat membrane element, improves the unit effective utilization rate and prolongs the service life of membrane element; Low transmembrane pressure difference can save operation cost and greatly enhance the market competitiveness of MBR.
Double outlet flat membrane
Specification of Flat Sheet Membrane Element- Double Nozzle
Flat Sheet Membrane Element - Double Nozzle
Model MF-F-1.5II-PVDF(PE150II)
Effective Membrane Area
Dimensions (L×W×T)
mm (in.)
Materials Membrane PVDF+PET (non-woven fiber)
Nominal Pore Size (μm) 0.1
Support Plate ABS
Aeration rate
Weight: dry/wet
kg (lbs.)
(12.8/ 24.2)
Effluent suspended solids
Effluent turbidity
MBR Operating parameters of flat membrane
Temperature 5-45℃(41-113°F)
pH of Liquid 5-10
Inlet Requirements Fine Screen ≤ 3mm
Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids MLSS (mg/L) 6000-12000
Transmembrane Pressure(kPa) ≤35 kPa (5.1 psi)
Operation mode of self-priming pump Operation 8mins,stop 2mins
Aeration Continuous Aeration
Operating water level Submerged Module mm(in.) ≥300 (11.8 in.)
Chemical Cleaning in Place (CIP)
Chemical Cleaning in Place (CIP) Organic pollution Sodium hypochlorite + sodium hydroxide
inorganic pollution Oxalic acid or citric acid or hydrochloric acid
Cleaning Chemicals and Concentrations (mg/L) 3000-5000
Chemical Required (L/pcs) 5
Dosing method Gravity dosing ≤10kPa(1.45 psi)