Laboratory Test Equipment
Membrane Bio-Reactor,It is a new type of wastewater treatment system with the organic combination of membrane separation technology and biological treatment technology. Membrane modules are used to replace the terminal secondary sedimentation tank of traditional biological treatment technology, maintain high activated sludge concentration in the bioreactor and improve the organic load of biological treatment, so as to reduce the floor area of sewage treatment facilities and reduce the amount of excess sludge by maintaining low sludge load. The membrane separation equipment immersed in the aerobic biological tank is mainly used to intercept the activated sludge and macromolecular organic matter in the tank. The concentration of activated sludge (MLSS) in the membrane bioreactor system can be increased to 6000~12000mg/L or even higher; The sludge age (SRT) can be extended to more than 30 days.


Model PE-120 PE-240 PE-500 PE-1000 PE-2000 PE-3000 PE-4000
Treatment capacity 0.12T/D 0.24T/D 0.5T/D 1T/D 2T/D 3T/D 4T/D
Diaphragm specification PE-10 PE-10 PE-10 PE-25 PE-25 PE-25 PE-25
Quantity(piece) 3 6 13 10 20 30 40
Plate thickness(mm) 5 8 8 12 15 15 15
Box specification(L*W*H) 300*240*500 800*400*600 1000*400*600 1275*450*800 1350*600*1200 1850*600*1200 2100*700*1200
Remarks Demonstration equipment           Peripheral reinforcement

Serial size

Model PE-240 PE-500 PE-1000 PE-2000 PE-3000 PE-4000
Anoxic pool volume(L) 30 60 108 216 324 427
MBR tank volume(L) 70 120 216 423 648 854
Volume of clean water disinfection tank(L) 12 16 25 30 38 44
Fan Model ACO-001 ACO-003 ACO-004 ACO-008 ACO-012 ACO-016
Air volume 20L/min 40L/min 60L/min 100L/min 150L/min 250L/min
Power 20W 35W 35W 138W 185W 390W
Suction pump 型号 DP-50 DP-50 DP-75 DP-200 DP-300 DP-400
Flow 36L/h 36L/h 55L/h 105L/h 150L/h 200L/h
Power 80W 80W 130W 185W 280W 300W
Reflux pump Model AT-102 AT-102 AT-102 AT-102 AT-103 AT-105
Flow 220L/h 220L/h 220L/h 220L/h 300L/h 450L/h
Power 2W 2W 2W 2W 6W 8W
Lift 0.5m 0.5m 0.5m 0.5m 0.6m 1.1m
Blender Model JPV-100A JPV-101A JPV-102A JPV-201A JPV-202A JPV-402A
功率 3W 6W 12W 12W 24W 48W
Membrane module PE10-6 PE10-13 PE25-10 PE25-20 PE25-30 PE25-40
Installed power(W) 105 123 199 337 495 746
Floor area(m²) 0.32 0.4 0.57 0.81 1.11 1.47
Electrical control Automatic control of liquid level Automatic control of liquid level Automatic control of liquid level Automatic control of liquid level Automatic control of liquid level Automatic control of liquid level