About Peier

Jiangsu peier membrane corp.,ltd(Stock Code: 836744) was established in 2007 with a registered capital of 48 million yuan, referred to as "Peier membrane industry". It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production, manufacturing and service of MBR flat sheet membrane products. Peier membrane always adheres to R&D and cooperation with well-known universities at home and abroad, such as Tsinghua University, Sydney University, Nanjing University of technology, Changzhou University and Jiangnan University. It is the editor in chief of the national industry standard HY/T252-2018 "submerged flat membrane element for water treatment". At present, it has 7 invention patents, 55 new utility patents, 4 software works and 1 appearance patent.

Peier MBR flat membrane has been widely used in industrial wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse projects at home and abroad, including medicine, mining, electronics, chemical industry, washing, large-scale municipal wastewater reuse projects and other industries; At the same time, it is also applied to decentralized unattended domestic sewage treatment projects, such as new rural areas, highways, resorts and tourist areas. At present, the company has formed five independent production lines with a daily output of 2000 square meters day. The quality inspection system developed and designed by the company simulates the on-site use conditions and tests the integrity of products according to industry standards, so as to provide guarantee for the quality of each product.

"Make good products, sell good products and let customers make good use of products" is the business purpose of the company. At present, through the process of specialization, industrialization and internationalization, the company is becoming the pioneer of domestic MBR membrane technology with strong R&D capability and high-quality after-sales service. "Peier Membrane, made in China, China Membrane, made in Peier, " has always been the goal of the company. Welcome new and old friends to the company for guidance, exchange and cooperation!