Corporate History
  • 2021
    The special fund for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu - the joint bidding project of national high tech Zone "R&D and industrialization of efficient and intelligent MBR flat membrane equipment based on 3S membrane module" was officially accepted
  • 2020
    Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games support project strategic cooperation signed
  • 2019
    R&D of breakthrough product technology: 3D Soft Support, 3S immersion flat membrane module, full performance recovery flat membrane, mini series membrane module, superposition of small-size membrane modules, etc
  • 2018
    HY/T252-2018 "Submerged flat membrane element for water treatment" Industry Standard Editor
  • 2017
    Undertake the R&D and industrialization of efficient and intelligent MBR flat membrane equipment based on 3S membrane module, a major achievement transformation project in Jiangsu Province; "Third prize" of the Fifth National Science and technology entrepreneurship and innovation competition
  • 2016
    The enterprise was restructured into "Jiangsu Peier Membrane Industry Co., Ltd." and the new third board was officially listed
  • 2015
    Won the national high tech enterprise certificate
  • 2014
    Undertaking industrial support projects in Jiangsu Province Research and Development of New MBR Plate Membrane Components for Industrial Use; National Development and Reform Commission central budget Annual output of 10,000 sets of high anti-pollution immersion flat sheet membrane module assembly industrialization
  • 2013
    China environmental protection product certification
  • 2012
    Undertake the national "863" plan project Study on preparation of recycled membrane from waste polyvinylidene chloride flat membrane
  • 2011
    Obtain the investment support from the central budget of the national development and Reform Commission on the "2011 strategic emerging industry project"; Won the title of "national key new product"
  • 2010
    Become the executive director unit of China Membrane Industry Association
  • 2009
    Jiangsu Provincial Department of science and technology rated it as a high-tech product
  • 2008
    Through the evaluation and appraisal meeting of the Ministry of construction,"Submerged flat membrane element for water treatment" Promote products for the Ministry of construction
  • 2007
    Jiangsu Lantian Peier Membrane Corp.,ltd was established