Element-Single Nozzle


MBR Flat Membrane Element
Model MF-F-0.8-PVDF MF-F-1.0-PVDF MF-F-1.5-PVDF MF-F-1.5II-PVDF
Effective Membrane area
m² (ft²)
0.8(8.6) 1.0(10.8) 1.5(16.1) 1.5
Dimensions (L*W*T)
mm (in.)
Materials Membrane PVDF+PET
(non-woven fiber)
Nominal Pore Size
Support Plate ABS
(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic)
Aeration rate
10 11 12
Weight:dry/wet kg
3.2/5.0(7.1/11) 3.6/7.6(7.9/16.76) 5.8/11(12.8/24.2) 5.8/11(12.8/24.2)
Effluent Turbidity
Effluent Suspended solids SS

1.The water production in the above table refers to the test value of clean water, which is the initial filtration capacity of membrane when the suction negative pressure is 10kPa and the water temperature is 25°C; For different water quality, the water yield will be quite different;
2.The recommended design flux of municipal sewage or similar municipal sewage is 400~500L/㎡.d, Please consult relevant technicians of Peier for the design flux of industrial sewage;
3.The models for Peier experiment include MF-F-0.1-PVDF (effective area: 0.1㎡) and MF-F-0.25-PVDF (effective area: 0.25㎡). Please consult relevant technicians for details.