The project of "national water environment monitoring and key technology researc


From June 9 to 10, 2021, the water special management office of the Ministry of ecological environment organized and held the comprehensive performance evaluation meeting of the water special project "Research on key technologies for national water environment monitoring and river basin water environment big data platform construction" in Beijing. Relevant responsible comrades of the major special department of the Ministry of science and technology, the Department of science and technology and finance of the Ministry of ecological environment, the Department of water ecological environment and the water special management office, experts of the overall water special group, experts responsible for relevant landmark achievements, evaluation experts, heads of project undertaking units, project and subject leaders and technical backbone attended the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that the project broke through a series of monitoring technologies such as quality control and information management of on-line monitoring of water environment, rapid detection of key indicators of water ecology, high-precision remote sensing identification and quantitative classification of urban black and smelly water bodies, and developed DGT devices that can monitor 29 pollutants in situ, 12 sets / set of automatic and integrated monitoring instruments and equipment for water ecology, It provides technical support for the transformation of water environment monitoring from physical and chemical indicators to water ecological indicators and from point to area. The national water environment monitoring and monitoring platform, urban water environment remote sensing monitoring platform and national watershed water environment management big data platform have been constructed. They have operated stably in demonstration areas such as Taihu Lake Basin, Songhua River Basin, Liaohe River Basin, Shandong Province, Suzhou City, Wuxi City and Yangzhou City for more than 12 months, realizing urban black and smelly water body identification, pollution traceability, risk early warning Application demonstration of core functions such as assessment and comparison, situation analysis, etc. After reviewing materials, listening to reports, watching videos of implementation results, questioning and discussion, the expert group agreed that the project passed the comprehensive performance evaluation.

Relevant responsible comrades of the water ecological environment department of the Ministry of ecological environment fully affirmed the achievements of the project and hoped that the project team would further focus on the needs of the management department and provide information support for enhancing the scientific and refined level of water ecological environment management. Fu Chuan, deputy director of the Department of science, technology and finance of the Ministry of ecological environment, congratulated the successful passing of the performance evaluation of the project, asked the project team to sum up experience, strengthen the publicity and promotion of achievements, make good use of the remaining funds in strict accordance with the regulations, further modify and improve the comprehensive performance evaluation materials according to the opinions of the expert group, and do a good job in the file transfer to the water special office and the Ministry of science and technology.

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