PEIER’s MBR Technology Supports Beijing Winter Games


The competition of competitive snow events in the Winter Olympic Games is fierce. The excellence of the competition and the performance of athletes are closely related to the logistics support. Jiangsu Peier Membrane Corp., Ltd. is honored to be the supplier of the sewage treatment project for the Winter Olympic Games. It is responsible for treating the washing sewage and a small amount of domestic sewage produced in the process of washing medical linen and hotel linen. After treatment, part of the sewage is reused to the front production line, and the excess water is discharged into the municipal pipe network, It effectively ensures the training and competition of athletes.

Peier membrane industry will serve the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

This is phase I of Zhangjiakou Huanxin Textile Washing Industrial Park Co., Ltd project . (800 tons / day for hotel washing and 800 tons / day for medical washing, a total of 1600 tons / day which is equivalent to the water consumption of 20 families of three in one year). The treated effluent quality meets the requirements of industrial water quality for municipal wastewater recycling (GB / T 19923-2005) and laundry reuse (DB11 / 471-2007) which is the most stringent water quality in domestic requirements. Therefore, the MBR patented washing membrane is the key to reclaimed water reuse. Jiangsu Peier Membrane Corp., Ltd has focused on MBR flat membrane since 2007 and is the editor in chief of the industry standard hy / t252-2018 submerged flat membrane components for water treatment, which provides a strong guarantee for the smooth operation of the whole project.