MBR module commissioning steps
1. Check Settings Before commissioning, make the following preparations:
(1)Please confirm that the air pipe and water outlet pipe are correctly connected.
(2)Confirm that the MBR tank has been cleaned, no sharp objects and large impurities (may damage the original film);
(3)Open the air discharge valve and discharge the air in the membrane element appropriately;
(4)Put clean water (tap water or filtered water) to the operating level;
(5)Close air drain valve

Two, water debugging (1)After the aeration blower is started, please confirm the aeration volume and aeration uniformity. Foam may occur during clean water operation, usually related to hydrophilic substances contained in the membrane element, which does not affect the later operation;
(2)When one blower supplies air to multiple membrane components, the same amount of air should be supplied to each membrane component. If there is a significant difference, please check and adjust the aeration pipe, so that the aeration volume is consistent;
(3)Please check the performance of automatic control system when debugging in clean water.
(4)For clean water commissioning, please record membrane suction flux, transmembrane pressure difference, water temperature, etc.

3. Addition and acclimation of soil species Sludge inoculation and acclimation are necessary to make the submerged plate MBR system start up and run as soon as possible. For adding mud, please refer to the following steps:
(1)Please prepare the activated sludge (preferably the kind of sludge used to treat the same wastewater). Sludge thickening tank or sludge dehydrated by pressure filtration is recommended.
(2)Filter the input through the screen (gap less than 2mm) to remove impurities that may damage the membrane element;
(3)In the domestication stage of seed mud, nutrients were added appropriately, such as flour, glucose and yeast (100:5:1).
(4)When the sludge concentration of MBR tank reaches 3000mg/L ~ 5000mg/L, the membrane module can be pumped.
(5)At the early stage of MBR system operation, the outflow flow rate is set at about 1/3 of the design flow rate, and the outflow flow rate will be adjusted slowly until it reaches the design value. (Usually within a week or so)
(6)In the case of water quality standards, maintain full load operation;
(7)When the filtration water is stable, the initial transmembrane pressure difference of membrane system is measured and recorded.
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